What to expect with the VIP Buyer
Agency Agreement

We strive to provide superior service for
you.  Rather than mailing you hundreds of
properties that may or may not match your
criteria or worse missing out on the perfect
home for you, we ask you to begin by filling
out the form to the right.  We follow this up
with a phone call or email so we can talk
and take down exactly what you are looking

We offer with our VIP Buyer Agency
Agreement, Loyalty, Trust, A Disclosure of
all material facts, Confidentiality along with
our Fiduciary Duty to negotiate for you the
best possible price for your new home.  We
also dig deep to ascertain relevant facts
needed for you to decide if the home is the
perfect home for you.  This agreement is
offered at no cost to you!  The cost is
already set aside by the seller.

We have mortgage brokers available for
pre-qualification letters.  We use these to
discuss with you how much income you
want to set aside for your home purchase.  
We strive to make you experience
pleasurable and memorable so we will
only show you homes that fit your income
criteria or homes that we feel we can
negotiate down to fit.

After we have negotiated the best price for
your home you'll sign the contract for your
new home.  At this point you rest easy.  We
work with your mortgage company for the
appraisal, suggest and follow through with
home inspections insuring nothing catches
us by surprise.  And when we are sure that
you are getting the home you expected to
receive, we do a final walk through with you
before closing.  

This is the day you have been waiting for
the day your new home becomes yours!  
The settlement company that we've select
will review with us the final numbers and
you'll sign the necessary paperwork that is
provided.  We hand you the keys and the
home is yours.

For all this we only ask that you sign our
Agency Agreement that just verbalizes in
written word what we just discussed above.
 Let's get started soon finding the perfect
Luther Wormack?
  • Luther is a nationally recognized
    real estate agent.  Unlike a
    traditional brokerage, who will
    assign you to any agent they
    choose.  Luther personally
    represents each client he accepts
    from start to closing.
  • Luther gets the job done!  While
    other agents were sitting around
    this winter, Luther was still working
    hard, he actually had more sales
    than the previous winter.
  • Personal website (www.
    findpaproperty.com) with visitors
    from over 60 countries, plus over 20
    national micro-sites help add to the
    exposure of your home.  In additions
    your home will be placed on the top
    15 nationally searched sites and
    nearly all of our local competitors
    sites as well.  Not to mention the
    local Multi Listing Service.
  • Luther seems to be part financial
    whiz, part psychologist, part
    negotiator and part marketing
    expert: he virtually has no equal!
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated,
    personable and committed, this is
    what makes Luther different from
    other agents and what makes him
    more successful.
  • Top negotiating skills and better
    results is what you should expect
    from Luther.  He is ready to earn
    your trust.