What is my home worth?
Deciding on a selling price for your home is much
harder to do in today’s market climate and often
information available to home sellers can be
untrustworthy.  One of the best methods for sellers is
to know their home's Market value to set a sale price
is a “Market Analysis.”  If you do not get Market
Analysis prior to listing your home you could end up
with a home on the market for too long or even losing
out with a sale because the price was too low.

My Market Analysis will let you know the expected
price range your home should be listed at to
maximize profits.  As in all markets, homes for sale in
good condition and moderately updated will be at the
top of the range.  While homes that are in less than
good condition and not fairly updated will be toward
the bottom of the range.

Yes, I still prepare market analysis free of charge
even though many other real estate agents are
charging you for this.  In fact, since I do sell so many
homes every year, I've eliminated all up front charges
for the homes I list.  I only get paid when you get
paid, at closing!
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