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Did you know the average traditional Realtor only invests 10% or less of
their commission to run their business?  Wonder how much of that will go
into marketing your home?  Want to see what makes Luther one of the top
agents in the state?  Give him a call and make sure you ask him what
percentage he spends to aggressively market your home, you'll be pleasantly
Unfortunately the extent of the traditional Realtor's Market where
they show you comparable homes that have sold and adjust the
price based on their opinion of value.  Often solely relying on Multi
List date that is very often input incorrectly by other Realtors.  This
could explain why roughly 45% of the homes they list do not sell or
sell after a year or more on the market.
Luther understands each local market he services.  
Economic indicators, interest rates, absorption rates
within the local market and price Luther uses verifiable
information from literally 100's of sources to determine
price range, seasonal market changes, shadow inventory,
building confidence, inventory of competing distressed
properties... these are factors Luther's team uses, and
why they are among the Top Market Experts in
and Selling
Like mentioned at the top of the page, the traditional Realtor
spends 10% or less of the income on their business.  After the list
of fees and other business expenses, it doesn't leave much to
effectively market your home.  The traditional Realtor relies mostly
on the old three prong approach; sign in the yard, the multi-list and
crossing their fingers, hoping a buyer will come by. This approach
does very little to get the home the exposure it needs to get top
Luther is 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to
get his sellers' homes the exposure they need to drive up
the demand on the home, which will ultimately result in a
top-dollar offer.  Yes their will be a sign on your lawn, yes
your home will be in the MLS and on all the major
websites including competitor's sites, but most
importantly I also contact qualified home buyers and other
agents putting your home in front of them personally.  
Last year alone this website generated nearly 10,000 local
visitors looking for homes, and this is just one of 12 sites
Luther maintains!
Roughly 40% of homes on the market with traditional Realtors fail
to sell.  If there finger crossing method does produce an offer, are
they thinking about getting you the best possible price?  Or are
they thinking about just getting the deal signed so they may have a
pay day?  The average Realtor only averages 7 to 11 transaction
sides per year.  So I'll let you answer that question.  
Negotiating from a position of strength is a trademark of
Luther.  He closed 6 transaction sides in the first 10 days
of December!  Luther operates from a position of
abundance!  Luther understands the science and art of
negotiations at their deepest levels.  Luther knows how to
use preemptive negotiation strategies to ensure his sellers
get more money.  
The Traditional PA Realtor
Expert Real Estate Agent
Luther Wormack
Why choose one of the top Experts in the State?
Lets break it down by the county numbers, below represent homes listed on the
                                           Listed (estimate)        Sold     Failed to Sell
    Westmoreland:                   4900                 55%              45%
    Beaver County:                    2450                 56%              44%
    East Allegheny:                   5725                 54%              46%
(Less than 5% of Homes marketed by Luther failed to sell in the same time frame.)

You can continue to go with average agents, you'll have a better than 50%
chance of selling, or you can go with the area's expert the Luther Wormack
Home Selling Team.
42% of Homes Listed by Average Realtors
NOT Sell the First Time on the Market!!!
It's a surprising statictic to some, but the simple truth is you have a little better than a 50%
chance of your home selling the first time on the market.  Their are lists of reasons why this
continues to happen.  Which I gladly give to anyone thinking about selling in the next year or
two.  The best way to prevent the 50/ 50 chance is to hire a profession EXPERT.  I know,
with all the advertising out there anyone can look like an EXPERT.  In fact anyone can
promise you anything, like your last agent.  But the truth is in the results, not the promises.
 The Luther Wormack Home Selling team proudly boosts our results, if your home was one of
the 42% this year listed by an average Realtor and didn't sell, well I'm sure we sent that list
to you.  If by chance we missed you please let us know and we'll get the copy out to you.
You can imagine how this keeps some home sellers in limbo.  Thoughts of, should we just stay put or should we wait awhile and try
again?  In the meanwhile other agents are calling or stopping by and asking you to list with them.  This goes on often.

I work differently, as anyone can tell you who received my mailings or sold a home through me.  When you call me we actually have a
friendly conversation and you can ask as many questions as you like, anything that's important to you.  Then with knowledge behind your
choice you can then decide if I'm the right agent for the job.  In fact, if you are not comfortable with me as your Expert Advisor, I typically
won't take the listing.  It's very important for us to be on the same page when moving forward and I explain this fully in the
Seller section
of the site.  

Then I ask you to point out things you wish the agent had paid more attention to.  What were some of the things you liked, and some
things you wish should have been done while your home was up for sale.  Lastly we carefully analyze why the home didn't sell.  I'll also
give you my professional opinion of market value and what I feel you can expect to net.  I'll explain why I am so different from my
competitors and why you could get more for you house when you list with me (no sales fluff, no huge listing presentation or flip chart,
just facts, you'll see.)

And if you decide you don't want to list with me, don't worry.  I don't mind a bit, like I said above, I'm only interested in taking on new
clients that feel good about listing their house with me.  I'm very detailed and aggressive with all phases of the process from marketing to
negotiations all the way to closing, because those who list with me expect results and they are delivered.

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